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New Releases

Machinone 'Tokyo'

a work of nostalgic, quiet conscience
Machinone makes pastral side of tokyo

submerse - Slow Waves

downtempo dreaminess and beats smothered with strokes of lushness

Ulises Conti's new album

27 pieces, from A to Z.
amazing sound of alphabet

New Events

Rachel Grimes Japan Tour 2014

Known primarily as the composer and pianist of Rachel's

submerse Slow Waves release party

N’gaho Ta’quia, A Taut Line, Yukibeb, Fitz Ambro$e, Crystal

IKEBANA - When You Arrive There

IKEBANA is about minimalism, about beauty in space, about calmness

Upcomig Events

Rachel Grimes
2014-10-11 nezu church (tokyo)
2014-10-12 hidokei no oka (fukuoka)

2014-08-15 2.5d (tokyo) 'Slow Waves' release party in tokyo
2014-08-23 liquidroom (tokyo) simi lab, the otogibanashi's & more
2014-08-29 planetcafe (hamamatsu) 'Slow Waves' release party in hamamatsu
2014-08-31 heavysick (tokyo) w. mike gao, okadada, emufucka & more
2014-09-15 metro (kyoto) w. madegg, lastorder, metome & more
2014-10-12 glad lounge neo (tokyo) w. ital tek, puzzle, mike rhino & more