aus is the solo project of Yasuhiko Fukuzono of Tokyo, Japan. Fukuzono started making music for experimental films when he was still a teenager. As aus, he has performed live since 2004, including sets at SonarSound Tokyo, Summer Sonic Festival, De La Fantasia Festival along with many international artists such as François K, Haruomi Hosono (YMO/Sketch Show), Matmos, Fennesz, Chaterhouse, Ulrich Schnauss, AGF, Daedelus, Luke Abbott, Towa Tei, Helios etc.
Fukuzono has gained attention worldwide through his skillful and delicate sound production, exquisitely combining electronics with sounds from daily life. The music video of the track 'With Rain' (included in the album Curveland) made by TAKCOM was nominated in the music video category at the world famous visual festival Aurora 2007 (along with Beck, Zero7 and Subtle).
As DJ, aus made the mixtape for i-D Magazine, The FADER, The 405, Fluid Radio and International Tapes.

He loves to re-discover and re-invent the nature of the sounds around him, over and over again. "It gives birth to new nature by changing the nature" quoted by this quirky composer.
Acquiring his inspirations from all over the places - images that his mind captured from movies, words that he stumbled upon, pieces of music that drop out from TV and radio, nomadic dreams, long lost memories and indescribable inner feelings - Fukuzono writes music that illustrate the detailed movements of life. and quite often, he illustrates, with his subtle music skills, in films too.


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photo by Ryo Mitamura

東京出身のアーティスト Yasuhiko Fukuzonoによるソロ・プロジェクト。幼少期から音楽に触れ始め、10代の頃より主に実験映像作品の音楽を手掛けてきた。2004年よりaus名義 で活動開始後、海外レーベルを中心に4枚のフルアルバムをリリース。これまでにSummer Sonic、SonarSound Tokyo、De La Fantasiaなど国内を代表する音楽フェスティバルに出演、今年3月には全18都市22公演のヨーロッパツアーにて、Ulrich Schnauss、Fennesz、Matmosらと共演するなどワールドワイドな活動を展開している。今春Tujiko Norikoやmatroshkaなど、これまでに提供したリミックス・ワークをまとめたアルバム『ReCollected』(plop)をリリースした。



Kangaroo Note (u-cover,2004)
Crowding (u-cover,2005)
Sonorapid (music related,2006)
Lang (preco,2006)
Curveland (moteer.2007)
Lang Remixed (preco,2008)
Antwarps (preco,2008)
After All (flau,2008)
Light In August, Later (someone good,2009)
ReCollected (plop,2013)

compilation & remixes:
Motoro Faam - Fragments+ (u-cover,2006)
V.A. - We Are All Cotton-Hearted (mu-nest,2006)
V.A. - Echod (flau,2006)
V.A. - Moteer Sampler (moteer,2007)
V.A. - The Silence Was Warm (symbolic interaction,2007)
Nq - The Purple Skies Remixed (kitty-yo,2007)
The Declining Winter - Moteer Remixes (mobeer,2008)
Tujiko Noriko - Trust (kurage,2008)
V.A. - Little Things (flau,2008)
V.A. - Rechod (flau,2008)
The Boats - Saturation, Humm and Hiss (our small ideas.2008)
V.A. - The Silence Was Warm vol.2 (symbolic interaction,2008)
V.A. - Songs Of Seven Colors (p*dis,2008)
V.A. - '88 Tapes (kesh:::, 2008)
Fedaden - Verdad (nacopajaz,2008)
Northerner - Ridings (home assembly music,2009)
Miou Miou - Électronique (piper,2009)
Matryoshka - Coctura (novel sounds,2009)
V.A. - In This Nest, We Found Our Winged Tales (mu-nest,2009)
Straightener - Man-Like Creatures (emi,2010)
miyauchi yuri - Toparch (rallye,2010)
Number0 - Remixes (rallye,2010)
V.A. - Lost Luggage (loaf,2010)
V.A. - For Nihon (unseen,2011)
Cokiyu - Your Thorn Remixes (flau,2011)
V.A. - Ten Years On The Blanket (preco,2011)
V.A. - PressPausePlay (2011)
Geskia! - 323 SAYONARA Memories Remixed (home normal,2012)
Origamibiro - Shakkei Remixed (abandon buildings,2012)
The Boats - Our Small Ideas (2012)
Park Avenue Music (For Your Home Or Office (mu-nest,2012)
Nels - Symbiosis (ensl,2012)
Masha Qrella - Crooked Dreams (teto,2012)
Christoph Berg - Paraphrases (facture,2012)
Miaou - The Night Will Come Before Long (teto,2012)

Set In Sand - Yo Drizzone! (badpanda,2012)
V.A. - Oceans & Ornaments (fluid radio,2013)
V.A. - Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Vol. 28, Lucky 2013 (darla,2013)

production and arrangements:
Hirono Nishiyama - World's End Fanfare (flau,2008)
Robert Svensson - Young Punks Are On The Never-Never (nomethod,2008)
Squares On Both Sides - Telegraphy (own, 2009)
Cuushe - Red Rocket Telepathy (flau,2009)
Gutevolk : Sun Chandelier (rallye,2010)
Kanazu Tomoyuki: Prater (flau,2010)
The Boats - The Ballad Of The Eagle (our small ideas,2011)
Rayons - After The Noise Is Gone (pokkhara,2012)
Cuushe - Girl That You Know I Am Here But The Dream (flau,2012)
The Boats - Ballads Of The Dark Room (our small ideas,2012)

Sun Electric (1999)
Hikarigaoka (2002)
Sonoato (2002)
Landed (2005)
It's Tomorrow Already (famous15mb,2006)
Urum (2006)
Mawaruurum (raumfuerprojektion,2007)
Opened (flau,2007)
Ghost/Writing (2012)

Press Quotes

I can't imagine another artist that blends modern edginess with sweetness and effective song-y-ness in that Japanese way as well. Its kind of an update on the delicate balance reached on Nobukazu Takemura's very first Child's View album - OTHER MUSIC

incredibly talented - Memoryhouse (Sub Pop)

aus combines rich in detail,sensibly constructed arrangements with wonderful melodies that evoke feelings of melancholy and optimism at the same time - Ulrich Schnauss

consistently enthralling artist - Boomkat

...Sehr fein und noch viel leiser - Thaddi Herrmann, De:Bug

Yasuhiko Fukuzono is part of a very well-hidden side of the beat scene, oft-unexplored by more than the truly dedicated “heads" - XLR8R

a supremely good electronic artist - smallfish

Yasuhiko Fukuzono is one of Japans most impressive young artists. Yes, I copied that from the press release. And why shouldn’t I? It’s the truth - Tokafi

all just beautiful painted like a delicate watercolour of sunlight playing on a sea scape,with all the grace of spring blossom fall - musique machine