Born in Kyoto but based in Tokyo, Cuushe blends piano, distorted synths and guitars with her dream like vocals to create a sound that engages with us all. After the release of her first album, ‘Red Rocket Telepathy’ in 2009, she played with Grouper on her tour of Japan before releasing the EP ‘Girl you know that I am here but the dream’ in early 2012. Featuring three new songs and remixes from the likes of Julia Holter & Teen Daze, it sold out almost instantly. US producer Slow Magic’s remix of the track ‘Do You Know the Way To Sleep’ has been viewed almost 500,000 time on YouTube. The EP was picked up by The Gardian, Dazed and Confused, The Fader Magazine and was selected as one of the best albums of 2012 by TimeOut Tokyo.

She is greatly inspired by dream, using her mesmerizing airy vocals as the main instrument, Cuushe composes pop-infused electronic music that is lovable and yet uniquely different from any other song-based pop sounds out there. Together with the delicate lyrics penned by her, the multi-talented cuushe beautifully projects a subtle musical world that is carefully wrapped with sensitive emotion and fragile memories.

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ゆらめきの中に溶けていくピアノとギター、 空気の中に浮遊する歪んだシンセサイザー、数々のアーティストがフェイバリットに挙げる拙くも圧倒的な存在感を持った歌声。
2009年にデビューアルバム 『Red Rocket Telepathy』を発表後、The Boats、Kanazu Tomoyukiら様々なアーティストの作品に客演、GrouperのJapan Tourのサポートアクトを務める。Julia HolterやTeen Daze、Motion Sickness Of Time Travelらがリミキサーとして参加したEP『Girl you know that I am here but the dream』を昨年リリースし、瞬く間に完売。たった3曲の新録にも関わらず、TIMEOUT Tokyoのベストアルバムに選出される。

アメリカの人気アーティストSlow Magicが手がけたリミックスがYoutubeでの再生回数約50万回を記録、最新MV『Airy Me』が大きな注目を集める中、今秋全編ベルリンでレコーディングされたニューアルバム 『Butterfly Case』を発表。現行のミュージックシーンとは一線を画す独創的な歌世界が絶賛され、「Prettist Of The Year」(The FADER)との評価を筆頭に、PitchforkやGorilla VS. Bear、DUMMY、Dazed and Confusedなどの海外の主要メディアで軒並み高評価を獲得している。またファッション界からの注目も高く、デンマークのファッション・ブランドとのコラボレーションや、アメリカ本国のNYLON Magazine、Fred Perryのウェブサイトで紹介されるなど、そのビジュアルと共に世界レベルで活躍を期待される日本人女性アーティストといえる。


Red Rocket Telepathy (flau,2009)
Girl You Know That I Am Here But The Dream (flau,2012)
Butterfly Case (flau,2013)

Pawn - Tone Sketch (progressive form,2011)
Pawn - Glimmer of Sunlight (dynamophone,2011)
Hydrant House Purport Rife On Sleepy - Roll Over Post Rockers , So What Newgazers
The Boats - Ballads Of The Research Department (12K,2012)
Geskia! - Silent Of Light (progressive form,2013)

Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Vol.28 Lucky 2013 (darla,2013)




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Press Quotes

There is something quite ultimate about Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi and the music she makes as Cuushe ...We read somewhere that Cuushe is taking this kind of music to the next level, but she's more - The Guardian


She sings with alien disguise; a Jonsi-like call to arms that speaks volumes and hones in at an inner peace. There’s a Grouper-like sparseness - This Is Fake DIY


Cuushe’s vocals waver, quiver and cling so closely to the music. She breathes fairly indecipherable sentences at a looking glass, they fog formlessly outward before fading away. - Igloo Magazine

Cuushe owes a big debt to the Cocteau Twins and 4AD, with dainty dream-pop that works the breathy, twee sheen and Beach House warmth.
- Liminal


Like The Colourfield crossed with Zero 7, the music of Cuushe is awash with layered vocals, delicate pianos and cinematic tinkly bits. This isn’t shoe-gazing, it’s star-gazing… - Classic Pop Magazine


her voice and dreamy sleep-inducing (hey the clues in the song titles don’t forget) musings prove illuminating. - God Is In The TV


she just writes such perfect, bliss-filled electronica that all geography dissolves beside her…a delight of luxurious textures and upbeat grooves. - The Blue Walrus

Cuushe’s tranquil vocals are showcased against halcyon hues of electronics so comforting that I want to wrap myself - Mostly Junk Food

Cuushe is ready to spread her wings into more dynamic grooves…It’s hypnotic and irresistible. - Turntable Kitchen