Noah (1988) is a Japanese artist and composer. She spent her childhood in an idyllic and snowy place in Japan. The environment has had a significant influence on her style, and continues to do so today.
Noah has been producing since Winter 2009. 2011 proved to be a watershed year for Noah. She won a flau remix contest (the "Cokiyu / Your Thorn" Remix Contest). This win gave her the confidence she needed and resulted in her being signed to flau (her first label).

Noah has absorbed various music scenes, and uses her lively singing style and piano playing experience gained from practicing daily since she was a child to create beautiful sounds.


北海道出身の音楽家。2009年より、本格的に音楽活動をスタートさせ、2011年、flau主催のCokiyu "Your Thorn" Remix Contestにおいて、同リミックス作品が優秀作品として選出された。

雪の多いのどかな地方で幼少期を過ごし、そこで育まれた音楽的感性は今でも彼女の作風に大きく影響を与えている。 中性的で透き通ったボーカル、子どもの頃から慣れ親しんできたピアノが、彼女の音楽を特徴づけている。そのサウンドは、今も尚、あらゆる音楽を吸収しながら進化し続けている。

昨年大きな注目を集めたクラウドラップの新星Kitty PrydeのプロデューサーであるSELA.とのSplit EPを4月にflauよりリリース。夏には自身をVaporwaveラッパーと名乗るSiddiqとミックステープを発表している。



Split with SELA. (flau,2013)

Two (flau,2013)

cokiyu - Your Thorn Remixes (flau,2011)


Press Quotes

Her production lends itself to scenic ambience that mixed with her classical training make for a sound as beautiful as it is reminiscent.
- Portals

Noah lays minimal classical piano with pattering beats and wispy, sure vocals - a beautiful spare song with a longing pull; one for warm hearths and hearts. - Dazed and Confused

Noah mixes subtle piano, southern hip-hop, static loops, and dream-pop melodies, weaving her sonic threads into a delicately gorgeous tapestry of sound- International Tapes

a strong pop sensibility to Burial’s isolation-strangled garage. In a better world, Jessie Ware’s voice would blossom from the hazed female vocals..- A Chart Attack