[19, from Vallejo, California]

Taking our hand with a gentle grip, SELA. takes us through beautiful fresh-water channels and shows us exterior worlds. Placing an inviting hand on our shoulder, SELA. provides warmth as we take in the power of simplicity. - Nick Ahmadi

弱冠20歳のカリフォルニア在住のプロデューサー。bandcampにて複数のEPを発表、大ブレイクを果たしたクラウドラップ界のティーンエイジ・スターKitty(aka Kitty Pryde)のプロデュースやMain Attrakionzへのリミックスで、IN YOURSPEAKERやThat'sDeckなど様々な有力メディアで特集が組まれ、話題を呼んでいる。
昨年Coyote Clean Up、Noah、食品まつり aka FoodmanらとスプリットEPをリリース、自身の『Stress』3部作完結。アメリカの人気ブログGorilla VS. BearのミックスにFlying Lotus、Burial、Four Tet、Ryan Hemsworth、Clams Casinoらと共に、「Heartbeat (ft.Alie)」がフィーチャーされ、期待の高まる中ついにファーストアルバム『Anniversary』をリリース。



Be Fair (2011)
V (2011)
Ghost Reporter (2012)
I Will Never Be Ten Again (2012)
Men Have Secrets, But No Mystery (2012)
Conversation (2012)
Everything Is In Relation To Something (2012)
You're Damn Cute, Y'Know! (2012)
Unthought (2012)
Stress (2013)
Anniversary (flau, 2014)
I (2014)
Inevitable (2014)

split with:
Coyote Clean Up
Contact Lens
Noah (flau, 2013)

Press Quotes

a prolific creator of transcendental tracks capable of transporting you in and out of dreamscapes and mythical realms - The B-Side

the 17 year old brings a strong pop sensibility to Burial's isolation-strangled garage - Chart Attack

an alluring 2am ambient bubble where everything is okay, using some assured Laurel Halo-esque vocals absorbed in the warm, trenchant pleasure of Balam Acab - The 405


The Field’s circuitous looping clogged with molasses. - International Tapes


attic dimension with rich, anatomical beats, curiously moving through icy pop landscapesn - No Fear Of Pop


Sela. is very ambient and atmospheric. ..The songs are very laid back and mellow—even sometimes dreamy—with quite a chillwave sound, but the musicality is still very rich. - InYourSpeakers

SELA.’s sound seems simplistic, but the way he plays with an expansive palette of minimal sounds and disjointed samples makes it a dead interesting listen -