Rebuilding Vibes
El Fog

cat#: FLAU14
Release Date: September 16th 2009
Format: CD/Digital

mastering: Stefan Betke aka Pole (~scape)
mixing/photo: AOKI takamasa
design: Irina Radtke


  • 01 Broken
  • 02 Waterfall
  • 03 März
  • 04 Flip and Dub
  • 05 Autumn
  • 06 Patterns
  • 07 Space for the Rebuilding
  • 08 Puddlespots and Moonbeams
  • 09 Above
  • 10 November
  • 11 !
  • 12 Dunst

"Rebuilding Vibes" is the 2nd album by El Fog, the solo project of Berlin-based Japanese artist Masayoshi Fujita, whose wonderful works ranges from Dub and Jazz, to Hip Hop and Electoronica.
Among other things, one can notice distinctively in this gorgeous album is Fujita's attempts to pursue the new possibilities of sounds in vibraphone. We hear mellow individual phrases with a twist of Jazz, strong impact rhythm production with intricately inlaid click noises, vibrancy of vibraphone's sounds with groovy manipulations like loop, over dub, cut and paste, self sampling, processing and so on. This album is smoky and beautifully built with gorgeous acoustic space. It is, for sure, like nothing else you've heard before.
"Rebuilding Vibes" is tastefully mixed by the awesome AOKI takamasa, who also contributed the cover art for the album. Stephan Betke a.k.a. pole, mastered the album.

ダブ、ジャズ、ヒップホップ、エレクトロニカを通過した個性的なプロダクションで人気のベルリン在住日本人アーティスト、藤田正嘉によるソロプロジェクトEl Fogによるニュー・アルバム。
The Remote Viewerの運営する英国moteerより発表され、好セールスを記録した1st album『reverberate slowly』のサウンドから、よりヴィブラフォンという楽器の新たな可能性を追求する意欲作となった本作は、ジャズへの親近性を感じさせるメロウで個性的なフレーズ、クリック、ノイズを複雑に散りばめ、聴き手の耳を刺激する先鋭的なリズム・プロダクションと共に、ループ、オーバーダブ、カット& ペースト、セルフサンプリング、プロセッシング等様々な手法によってヴィブラフォンの持つ音の響きやグルーヴを再構築し、唯一無二のスモーキーで美しい音響空間を獲得した傑作となっています。ミックスにAOKI takamasa、マスタリングにpoleことStephan Betke(~scape)が参加。

Press Quates


cumulatively overwhelming...Imagine, perhaps, a stray fragment of Pharoah Sander's "Astral Travelling" washed up o a distant shore. Lonnie Liston Smith's infinite electric keyboards still reverberating, the tide lapping over it back and forth - WIRE


one of my albums of the's a wonderful exercise in deep, late night listening - smokey, sultry and cerebral - one for those candlelit, contemplative moments - Scanner FM


a fine example of modern electronic music made of rich organic sounds and effective use of digital manipulation - IMPULSE Magazine


This minimal, jazz-inflected dub release is a titillating headphone gem for those who like their music crisp and atmospheric...between FS Blumm and early Dabrye, with other points of reference coming by way of early Ninja Tune as well as more experimental labels like Mego and Raster-Noton - Indieville


El Fog crée des climats aérés et relaxants, à cheval entre le jazz nocturne de Lionel Hampton et un dub miniature riche en détails - Autres Directions


you've got a pretty good idea of Rebuilding Vibes' mellow, early morning sound - Textura


Rebuilding Vibes comes across like a super-glossy take on Jan Jelinek's deconstruction techniques, taking apart deep, soulful source recordings with a scalpel-like level of precision - Boomkat


a total gem of low-key, delicate goodness - Smallfish


thoroughly tasteful stuff - Norman Records


“Rebuilding Vibes,” in short, is intellectual music. I appreciate Fujita’s willingness to produce such exploratory and cerebral music, and applaud him for defying traditional conventions. - Bleep43

E' qualcosa che ti prende nell'animo, una musica che accompagna l'utente nell'ascolto, con grazia ed intrigante sensualità (4.5/5) - Eletcronique


une hybride d'electronica trip hop, c'est entouré de basses bien rondes - M-La Music


donnant l'occasion à El Fog d'indéniablement franchir un palier. 7/8 - EtherREAL