Your Thorn

cat#: FLAU22
Release Date: October.20th.2011


  • 01 Your Thorn
    02 Recall
    03 With My Umbrella
    04 Textured Clouds
    05 Drag The Beast
    06 Gloomy
    07 Round in Fog
    08 See the Sun
    09 Little Waves


These are the floating dreams that scatter upon you. Delicate, and yet refreshing. Familiar feelings, but yet different. These are the moments that you don’t want to wake up. These are the moments that you don’t want to open your eyes. These are the moments you experience the evolution of bedroom pop. These are moments you listen to Cokiyu’s “Your Thorn”.

It has been 4 years since she debuted with her critically acclaimed album, “Mirror Flake”. During this 4 years period, this hugely gifted artist who hails from Ehime, Japan, has participated in various projects, including contributing 2 tracks to the soundtrack for the blockbuster movie “Kokuhaku (Confession)”, together with artists like Radiohead and Boris. She also collaborated with other well-known artists like Bichi (The Blue Foundation) and Robert Svensson (Mixtapes & Cellmates). She took Australia by storm with her Australia tour, and she also played in the SPOT Festival in Denmark.

Armed with the renewed maturity and the freshness gained from the invaluable experience in this 4 years, Cokiyu finally comes back with her 2nd full-length album, “Your Thorn”. This gorgeous album is bedroom pop in its finest form. Signature angelic voices by Cokiyu that quietly wraps you with delicate warmth, which brilliantly infused with tantalizing electronic sounds, creating moments that you don’t want to wake up.

In this album, you will be gently treated with a number of beautiful song-based tracks, including a charming pop-song she collaborated with itoken (the renowned drummer for d.v.d, Harpy, tokumaru-shugo band, and etc). Besides that, Cokiyu even tried her hands on ambient drone music in this album, and the result is simply breathtaking. All these have made “Your Thorn” into not just merely a beautiful album, but also a statement of the unbounded potential of Cokiyu’s musical talent.

Guest artists in this album, include itoken, Yuji Tanaka (the drummer of the popular band Quruli) and Teruya Honda (of Autumnleaf).by wei @ mü-nest


I love the feeling of the almost frozen soundscape combined with lush melodic storytelling, dreamy vocals and digital trickery...electronica pop for sure, but most of all..simply beautiful music!
Thomas Knak aka Opiate

映画『告白』を始めとするサウンドトラックへの参加や、国内外の様々なアーティストとのコラボレーション、海外でのライブパフォーマンス、インスタ レーションなど活動の幅を広げてきた女性アーティストcokiyuが放つ4年ぶりとなるセカンド・アルバム。透き通るような天使の歌声と暖かく柔らかいデ リケートな電子音が聴く者をそっと包み込む、至上のベッドルーム・ミュージックが帰ってきました。 d.v.dなどで活躍するitokenとの共作で生まれたこれまでになくチャーミングなポップ・ソングや、霞のかかったような幻想的アンビエント・ドロー ンなど、確実にアーティストとしての深化を感じさせる楽曲の数々。くるりに新加入したドラマー/パーカッショニストの田中佑司、Autumnleafのギ タリスト本田輝也、そしてitokenがゲスト参加。マスタリングを庄司広光が担当しています。映画『告白』収録曲のニューアレンジを含む全9曲。


cokiyuの音楽はパーソナルで、僕がぐるぐる悩んで頭を真っ白にしたい時に必要な音楽の要素をたくさん持っている。 物語のように紡がれたメロディー、夢見心地な歌声、デジタルで手の込んだ、氷のようなサウンドスケープの感じがとても好きだ。
Thomas Knak (aka Opiate)




Press Quates


incredibly delicate music. Gentle indie pop swathed in electronics and more twinkles than you can shake a shitty stick at. - Norman Records


This album brims with wonder, and it’s far from reverting back to a past self, but rather rediscovering beauty in things that seemingly slipped away long ago...One of the best of the year. - MakeBelieveMelodies


Her gossamer, lighter-than-air vocals wrap around you like the warmest and softest blanket - Textura


unmistakably Japanese yet appealing to anyone with an ear for crystalline pop music...‘Your Thorn’ emerged at the end of last year and was a lush take on Japanese pop music - Boomkat