And So I Place You In The Setting Sun

cat#: FLAU25
Release Date:
Japan - April 4th 2012
Europe/USA -June.25th.2012
Format: CD/Digital

mastering: Nils Frahm
mixing: Adam Seltzer
artwork: Tomoyo Kawase
design: AOKI,hayato


  • 01 Setting Sun
  • 02 The Fall
  • 03 Stories We Lived by
  • 04 If It Remains Light
  • 05 Lines to Water
  • 06 In the Fields
  • 07 Ringing Home
  • 08 Undertow
  • 09 Winter Air

MayMay is Laurel Simmons. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Simmonsʼ debut solo album, “And So I Place You In the Setting Sun” is a gorgeous, quietly powerful mediation on the acceptance of transition.

Simmons is no stranger to creating pastoral, evocative music, having exercised her considerable vocal and instrumental skills as a member of beloved Portland chamber-folk darlings Loch Lomond, as well as collaborations with a variety of other well-regarded acts, including international touring with peers such as Alela Diane and Rauelsson.

MayMay began during Simmonsʼ first winters in the Pacific Northwest leaving her homesick for the deserts of her native Arizona and the closeness of generations of family she left behind. MayMay is named in homage to her Arizona roots, in particular her grandmother Barbara Mae May.

“And So I Place You in the Setting Sun” is a remarkable record, willing to experiment with the tension between ambiance and rhythmic texture, while nostalgia and eloquent melodies arrange themselves into dynamics that are compelling yet wanting. The instrumentation blooms and fades like seasons through artful arranging and listeners come away with the notion of how triumphant the heart can be.
The collision of Simmonsʼ somber, ethereal vocals with lyrics permeated by images of sunlight and evocative themes of the process of letting go results in a record that truly sticks with the listener.

For Simmons, music is a both a vehicle and a prayer, a way of portraying earnestness that compels the moving forward.








the shimmering, hypnotic sonic palette of classic Cocteau Twins, the droning, narcoleptic pop sensibility of Beach House, and the hazy, sunset-drenched psychedelia of Mazzy Star - Dave Depper

アメリカ・オレゴン州ポートランドより、Loch Lomondのメンバーとしても活躍した女性アーティストLaurel Simmons、Peter BroderickとのコラボレーションやLOWとの共演で知られるスペイン人シンガーソングライターRauelssonことRaul Pastor Medall、そしてNicolas MarshallによるMayMayのデビューアルバム。

ミックスをSHE & HIMやM・ウォードで知られる敏腕エンジニアAdam Seltzer、ゲスト・アーティストには盟友Heather Woods Broderick、 Matt Berger(Musee Mecanique)らが参加。全編弾き語りだったデビューEPから、大胆に鳴らされるオルガンとピアノ、躍動感あるギター・サウンド、男女コーラスの暖 かいハーモニーと、曲によって様々にその表情を変えるなど、アレンジ面で飛躍的な変貌を遂げています。デビューEPに参加していたHeather Woods Broderickがニューヨークへと移住、バンドを離れたことにより開花したLaurel Simmonsの素晴らしいソングライティングは、時に優しく、時に切なく胸をしめつけるように、私たちの心を揺さぶるでしょう。
普遍的なピュアネスと美しさを讃える全9曲。マスタリングにNils Frahm。




Press Quates

critcs of Liz Harris’ last album might find an itch scratched by And So I Place You In The Setting Sun – it’s a spiritual successor to Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill 7/10 - Drowned In Sound


Laurel Simmons’ music may have been previously worth a listen for fans of the indie folk style she played in, this album offers something that a far larger audience will find worthwhile - The 405


Simmons channels Vashti Bunyan…This is utterly gorgeous, both in the instrumentation, the layering of the sounds, and in the way it grows. Damned fine work…reminds me a lot of Red House Painters - Evil Sponge


a graceful meditation that complements her multi-layered vocal and piano playing with beautiful washes of ambient guitar textures - Textura