Reverberate Slowly
El Fog

cat#: FLAU30
Release Date:
Japan -October.17th.2012
Europe/USA -December 4th 2013

artwork: Masayoshi Fujita
design: Craig Tattersall
re-design: mondii


  • 01 mountain dub
  • 02 silent soaring
  • 03 el cloud
  • 04 the fog of the far small town
  • 05 olive
  • 06 lily
  • 07 out woods
  • 08 smoke and satellites
  • 09 own frequency, own time
  • 10 out woods and the far small town
  • (mixed and rearranged by jan jelinek)
  • 11 deep sea and stars
  • 12 mirtel reflex (remix for nq)

‘Reverberate Slowly’ is a smoky collection of gorgeous late-night dub miniatures from mysterious Berlin-based producer El Fog. Sounding at times like a less academic Jan Jelinek or a hopelessly innocent Rhythm and Sound; deceptively complex click, hiss and pop rhythms are used to underpin a series of minimal elements (rhodes and vibraphone tones, sleepy acoustic guitar, samples of piano and double bass) that slowly resonate through each track, quietly pulsing and reverberating as suggested by the album’s evocative title .
Opening track ‘Mountain Dub’ sets the tone, and as a simple keyboard phrase is repeated over vinyl crackles and low throbs you are drawn effortly into the murky vapour. This is further explored with ‘Silent Soaring’ and ‘El Cloud’ which both consolidate the misty mood, building a complex mesh of rhythms from soft clicks and pops while never descending into mindless digital manipulation. It is this human aspect that gives ‘Reverberate Slowly’ its beating heart, and makes it such an appropriate release on the fast-growing the label. Unlike so many albums in the genre it has a fragile personality and many layers to uncover on each subsequent listen.
‘Reverberate Slowly’ is a totally seductive listening experience and like a candlelit supper with that special someone, it won’t fail to draw you into its moonlit night-time mood.

Album originally released our favorite label moteer, 2007. This Edition is re-mastering version with 2 rare track and bonus remix from Jan Jelinek.



ベルリン在住の日本人アーティスト/ビブラフォン奏者Masayoshi FujitaによるEl Fog名義の1stアルバム。2007年に英国moteerから発売され、Mount Kimbieを筆頭に現行のビートメイカーにも大きな影響を与えた作品です。ビブラフォン、ローズ・ピアノ、アコースティック・ギターなどのサンプルは、 極限にまで研ぎすまされ、淡々とそしてゆっくりと反響しながら静寂の中へ消えていきます。ジャズを消化したメロウなフレーズが繊細に鳴らされる、モノク ロームに彩られた夜のサウンドトラック。
再発に伴い、naphによるリマスタリングを施し、盟友Jan Jelinekによるリミックス他、アルバム発売当時に製作された2曲の貴重音源を追加収録しました。


Press Quates


This is lost classic of the genre…Played loud you can just dive into its huge, spooky spaces, but it makes extraordinarily classy background music too. 4/5
- Q Magazine

Reverberate Slowly is late night chill out bliss out drift off fade away sonic nirvana...we've been continually searching for some new dub technician to fill that Pole shaped hole in our hearts, and with Reverberate Slowly from the mysterious El Fog, it seems like we've finally found it. - Aquarius Records

'Reverberate Slowly' is creased with charm and spectral dignity for an album that is inventive, intelligent and utterly invigorating. Gorgeous - Boomkat


experimental and  imaginative enough to warrant a mention, an excellent release from a very interesting label - Terrascope


a compelling and fascinating body of work, an ideal album to wind down to and so much more besides - Shout4Music

a very charming and delicate home listening album - Ad Noiseam


a light blend of acoustic instrumentation with a tranquil late night aura of electronics and subtlest of glitchy rhythms - Wajobu


Classic acoustic jazz, like dub - Textura


ざらついたアトモスフェアと繊細なクリック・ビート、ジャズやクラシックを取り込んだスモーキーなヴィブラフォンの旋律...~scapeやJan Jelinek以降のクリック・ハウス、ダブ・エレクトロニカの名作 - musicReview