Butterfly Case

cat#: FLAU36
Release Date:
September 11th (Japan) / September 23rd (overseas) 2013
Format: CD/Digital/LP


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  • 01 Sort of Light
  • 02 I Dreamt About Silence
  • 03 Butterfly
  • 04 I Love You
  • 05 Twilight
  • 06 I Miss You
  • 07 Lost My Way
  • 08 Swing Your Heart
  • 09 Steamy Mirror
  • 10 Hanabi

“Butterfly Case” is Cuushe’s brand new breath-taking 2nd full length album, coming four years after her beautiful debut “Red Rocket Telepathy” and the subsequent “Girl You Know That I Am Here But The Dream” EP.

While Cuushe’s debut album put more focus on field recordings and found sounds, in “Butterfly Case”, you can see her moving graciously from her dreams into reality, expressing herself with delicate analog tape, distorted synths, drum machines, looped guitars and her signature feathery vocals. This wonderful album is co-produced by flau label mastermind aus, with Geskia at the mastering helm. These astonishing new songs allow us see a new vision, an imagination from Cuushe that we’ve never seen before.

The balearic guitar-house track “I Love You”, which is one of the most popular tracks from the album, has already been receiving raving reviews from the press both in Japan and overseas, while the ambient-ish R&B take in “Hanabi” is a wonderful reminiscent of Cocteau Twins & early 4AD meet soul music. Cuushe’s uniquely beautiful voice, and the delicately beat-driven music that was masterfully produced in “Butterfly Case”, has undoubtedly unfolded a new exciting dimension in dream pop music. by Tim McGregor & Wei Yuen, mu-nest.




昨年リリースしたEPがガーディアン、Dazed and Confusedなど海外の主要メディアでいち早く紹介され、瞬く間に完売。Kisses, Chad Valley, Keep Shelly in Athensらを擁する人気レーベルCASCINEのオーナーがYoursTrulyにてCuusheへのラブレターを公開するなど海外レーベル/ブログから大注目を集める中、4年ぶりとなるニューアルバムがついに完成しました。
先行公開され話題を呼んだバレアリック・ギター・ハウスI Love You、リリースを熱望されていたダウンテンポHanabiなど、ゆらめくピアノとギターのストローク、アナログ・シンセサイザー、繊細なコーラスが幾重にも折り重なり、空間に歪む独特の漂う音像は、より強度を増して、私たちを夢の世界へと誘います。

アートワークを公開初日で25000viewを記録、今年のベスト・ミュージック・ビデオとの呼び声高いアニメーションMV、Airy Meを製作した久野遥子が担当。



”Cuusheはこういった音楽をネクストレベルまで持って行っているとどこかで読んだが、彼女はそれ以上だ。彼女の作る音楽には究極の何かがある” - Guardian

”Cuusheは波打ち際の海岸のようなエレクトロメランコリアに僕らを誘う。これ以上無く美しい” - Dazed and Confused




Press Quates




Cuushe’s siren call glittering across this softly undulating fabricn -
Dazed and Confused (album of the month!)


No.25 of Gorilla Vs. Bear's Album 2013


She’s at her best, though, when her singing manages to break through the dreaminess and deliver a simple and direct emotion - Pitchfork (7.0)


it’s the sort of thing you’d imagine playing over a dreamy Sofia Coppola montage of girls running through a field or Elle Fanning pirouetting on ice -
NYLON Magazine


Cuushe’s unique, beautiful voice and ethereal, beat driven music truly offers a new dimension in dream pop - Fredperry Subculture


More sun gaze than shoe gaze, and more Washed Out than Cocteau Twins. Celestial, perfectly executed, mesmerizing. - Bandcamp


I Love You have a sturdy J-pop aesthetic hiding deep under all the ambient smoke and vapors. I Miss You taps into Julianna Barwick’s school of choral tapestry…If you find yourself locked in midnight-hour sleeplessness any time soon, get immersed in ‘Butterfly Case’: it’ll work a dream. - DUMMY


Cuushe offers an entrancing blend of vintage dream pop, Morr Music-like post-rock and glitch, and the sort of R&B that pours out of stay-at-home sensualists like How to Dress Well - SPIN Magazine


Sounding like a narcotized version of My Bloody Valentine fronted by Cocteau Twins chanteuse Elizabeth Fraser - BeatsPerMinutes


This is dream-pop at its most luxurious, and at times inventive…everything seems golden - The 405


Butterfly Case’ straight to analog tape proved to be a wise one, lending the sensuous production a feeling of lived-in earthiness - Diffuser.FM


you can tell from the multileveled pop delight, that its covering several geographical zones, all dreamy, starry-eyed, and floating above the atmosphere.
- IMPOSE Magazine


Unrelentingly pretty and carrying the picture-perfect poise of a high-wire acrobat, it was a gorgeous blend of subdued synths and heart-in-throat vocals. - GoldFlakePaint


It’s ten tracks of lighter-than-pixie-dust pop, rich in plaintive atmospherics and gossamer textures - Planet Notion


Super-vibey dreampop cut with psychedelic electronic blips and gloopy vocals is a combo pretty much off limits to anyone apart from Claire Boucher, but that hasn’t stopped emerging artists from trying in their droves. - The Line Of Best Fit


I am captivated by her voice, such a light delight...like fragile butterflies resting on a silky scarf - Stereofox


Un album che immerge l’ascoltatore in un universo estetico delicato ed evoca atmosfere dreamy, in bilico tra Cocteau Twins e i primi Everything But The Girl, - Pig Mag (weekly favorite)


it’s the melody and Cuushe’s voice that raises it to another level. When Goldfrapp are at their most chilled out they’re still not quite as horizontal as Cuushe. - Echoes and Dust


She’s got a really beautiful aesthetic, backing her breathy, wistful vocals with warm swathes of soft synthpop and distant, indistinct shoegazey crunch -
Norman Records