Collected Visits

cat#: FLAU38
Release Date: November 6th.2013
Format: CD/Digital


  • 01 Carl Linnaeus Stereo
  • 02 Landing On The Grasse
  • 03 Cycling Club
  • 04 Waking Up Early
  • 05 Chocolate River
  • 06 Weather Report
  • 07 Clouded Computing
  • 08 Away From Home
  • 09 Under The Electric Moonlight
  • 10 The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
  • 11 Gracious Undertail
  • 12 Announcement
  • 13 From Ancient Murrelets To Sparrows

“Collected Visits” is the gorgeous debut album by Sparrows – the wonderful solo project by by Ryota Miyake, who is also a key member of the well-known synth pop group CRYSTAL (signed to French’s famed electronic label Institubes and Sound Pellegrino).

This debut album from Sparrows is an excellent collection of beautiful songs made by Ryota from the past 5 years. Each of these amazing songs is delightfully produced with liveliness, and yet gives the listeners a pleasant cosy vibe when his music fills the air.

You will hear light-hearted electronics, lovely toy melodies with interesting twists, and soem wickedly enjoyable sounds coming out from this exquisite album….. it is just like listening to a lovely records made for a bird. These goegeousness doesn't come as a surprise, as this is an album by the talented, well, Sparrows.

Now go on, press the play button, and let the Sparrows sing.


artwork: Ryuto Miyake
mastering: Clement Roussel at Studio Chambre 404
album title: Emile Shahidi
english text: Wei (mu-nest)
we can hear sparrows chirping...going to be happy!

Institubes、Sound Pellegrinoなどフランスの人気レーベルから作品をリリースするCRYSTALのメンバー、三宅亮太によるソロ・プロジェクトSparrows。
ファーストアルバムとなる「Collected Visits」は、三宅が過去5年間に制作したインストゥルメンタル・ミュージックを収録。それぞれの楽曲は強く主張することなく、様々な旅先で集めてきたものをしまい込んだ箱の中身ように、漠然としながらも統一された印象と、それを眺めて思い出に浸るような心地よさを持っています。
初期BroadcastやPlone、Focus Group、James Ferraro、Lemon Jelly、ライブラリー/ムード・ミュージック、そしてスズメを愛する全ての人へ。都内各所を賑わすKotoriten全面監修による豪華パッケージにも注目です。