cat#: FLAU47
Release Date: April 22nd 2015
Format: CD/Digital




  • 01 Prologue
    02 Sequence for Tsuguharu Fujita
    03 Bone China
    04 A ribbon Knot
    05 Miuccia Lyric
    06 Pointillism
    07 Egyptology
    08 Drum
    09 In Women
    10 To “The September 13th”

Kobe based Hirohito Ihara's moniker radicalfashion returns with his second album in 8 years. His debut album 'Odori' was released on Chicago's legendary record label Hefty in 2007 and received critical acclaim from several media.
Radicalfashion recently joined flau to deliver a series of new releases. The first one is GARCON, a collection of elegant piano works recorded and carefully edited by Hirohito. Taking influence from traditional painting techniques and forms, each composition evokes a unique musical persona using thoughtfully designed melody and sound-collage with a polite nod to highbrow experimentalism… a romantic contrast of exquisite silky piano and electronic tone… an irresistible originality and personality without the burden of easy nostalgia and eclecticism.
On GARCON, Hirohito playfully expresses a curiosity between opposing states, an intention to hybridize or overcome all borders like human + machine, music + noise, eastern + western, classic + modern, feminine + masculine. The album is like a picture with a ray of soft light and color. Hirohito has created a sublime and emotive collection of piano pieces, full of beauty with an edge.

ファーストアルバム『Odori』がPitchforkなど海外メディアで絶賛され、鮮烈なデビューを飾ったHirohito IharaのプロジェクトRadicalfashionが、8年ぶりとなるセカンド・アルバムをflauよりリリースします。
『GARCON』は、レコーディングとエディットを丹念に積み重ね、様々な絵画技法を応用して得られたピアノの音色と構成によって、楽曲毎に異なる表情を見せるエレガントなピアノ作品。思慮深く、丁寧に設計されたメロディーとサウンド・コラージュ、ハイブローな実験性、シルクのように優美なピアノと電子音とのロマンチックなコントラストは、 安易なエクレクティズムやノスタルジーに陥ること無く、圧倒的な独創性と知性を感じさせます。作品に通底するのは楽音と具体音、人間と機械、西洋と東洋、古典と現代、女性性と男性性というあらゆる境界への好奇心と、それを乗り越えようとするハイブリッドへの志向。柔らかな光線と色彩をまとった一枚の絵画のように、 美しく気品に満ちたピアノの響きを先鋭的なエディット感覚でまとめ上げた傑作です。



Press Quotes


undeniably beautiful - The 405

a charmingly distinct piece with a curiosity-like personality - Hypetrak


pensive compositions that evoke strong memories of erik satie... - Dimestore Saints

a testament to a pointed style that itself infuses each of his instrumentals with narrative - Cyclic Defrost


未来派の音楽 - Billboard JAPAN

one that fits the early grey autumn day very well - Vital Weekly

frutto della sapiente ibridazione tra oriente ed occidente, tra tappeti di elegante arredamento sonoro ed evocative sospensioni cinematiche - Music Wont's Save You