cat#: FLAU52/FRAUM04
Format: LP/CD/Digital
Release Date: CD - Nov 18th (Japan) 20th (Overseas) 2015
Digital/LP - Jan 15th, 2016



  • 1 Savages
    2 Portrait of a Diagram
    3 Palace of Robe
    4 National Water
    5 Chain
    6 Dragon
    7 Cave Reflection
    8 Paste Dream
    9 Lineage of Stones
    10 Chandelier
    11 Unicorn
    12 EFS (bonus track for CD)
    12 Secret Track (bonus track for LP)


NEW is the third full-length album from the young Kyoto based producer Kazumichi Komatsu aka Madegg. Using mainly hardware and analog synthesizers, Madegg has created a world of thoughtfully woven melodies and basslines that shimmer with beauty and anxiety. NEW transcends it’s various musical formats through playful boldness and exploration, embracing concepts of juxtaposition, sacred forms, intimacy and savagery, and the boundaries of language. The unrelenting beat, raw feel and ecstatic psychedelia of NEW attempts to carve a new surface into the planetary shell of dance music. A pulse of emptiness defines each musical landscape before rotting slowly into it’s own ambience. Techno, raw-house, drone, industrial, body music, ambient… NEW is both casual and complex, a uniquely authentic experience. the album mastered by Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare, Milie & Andrea).

京都をベースに活動する平成生まれの奇才Madeggが2年8カ月ぶりとなるサードアルバム 『NEW』を発表します 。『建築』『神殿の形成』『人と野生』『境界と言葉』『石』『血脈の水』などのテーマをもとに、ハードシンセとコンピューターによって楽曲を構築。温度を持ち、絶えず揺らぎを示すメロディー、空間を認識する為の境界として機能するビート。接近と俯瞰の反復により、リズムは崩壊してアンビエンスそのものに変化していきます。テクノ、ハウス、ドローン、インダストリアル、アンビエントなど様々な音楽的フォーマットを大胆なアイデアと徹底した実験精神で解放し、ダンスミュージックの新たな地平を感じさせるニューアルバム。マスタリングは2ndアルバム以外のMadegg作品全てを手がけているMiles Whittaker (Demdike Stare、Milie & Andrea)。

Press Quotes


pure hypnagogic pleasures, masked in ocean-side, basement club/house mayhem

- Tiny Mix Tapes

It's a fidgety listen that builds slowly and carefully into something grand and luxurious, bringing to mind Aphex Twin's more stately period - Redbull Music

Japanese electronic psychedelia as bright and strange as the hottest neon-blur in downtown Shibuya in a rainstorm. Tip! - Bleep

playfully elusive ambient-techno geist - Boomkat

a pretty fine substitute and we reckon you're going to love getting your ears all the way around it like a mother to an almighty dragon egg - Ransom Note

Melding industrial techno-isms and rugged house with subtle droning movements, the Japanese producer shapes a unique sound signature that keeps pushing boundaries between the secular and the sacred, establishing itself astride untamed rawness and demanding sophistication - Inverted Audio

he continues along his path of artistic innovation, effortlessly blurring the lines between techno, house, experimental and a host of other genres - Bigshot Mag

combining interpersonal exploration and grinding analog synths throughout - The405

Experimental floating soundscapes - WhatPeoplePlay

like a snippet of a euphoric dance floor anthem that got left out in the sun for too long - The Japan Times

Madegg gives Japan’s electronica scene an injection of ‘new’ energy - MTV81

底が知れない井戸の底を覗き込むように不吉で、かつドリーミーで蠱惑的な世界 - Realsound

丁寧に積み上げられたマテリアルが透過していくプレイ・エレクトロニクス大傑作 - Jet Set Records

ビーティなトラックからビートレスのコンクレートまで、不穏かつドリーミーな現代ならではの楽曲集 - CD Journal

深海を蠢くようなドローン・ノイズと、ゆらゆらと浮かび上がって来る淡いメロディ、ときおり鋭いパルスのように切り込んでくるビートが織りなすアブストラクトでアンビエントな音響空間は官能的で美しいが、どこかいびつで不吉な光を湛えている - MUSICA


Tour Schedule

11-07 Attic (Kochi)
11-20 Socore Factory (Osaka) NEW release party w.inga copeland...
11-25 Conpass (Osaka) w. julia holter, noah
12-05 Circus (Tokyo) w. luke vibert, submerse, dj portal & more
12-06 Spazio Rita (Nagoya) w. shokuhin matsuri, nyantra & more
12-09 Kata (Tokyo) w. licaxxx, lastorder, goldenunderhair...
12-11 Txalaparta (Tokushima) w.noumiso, gerimafiagroup & more
12-12 iL (Takamatsu) w.kotonbunko,dj il & more
12-19 Urbanguild (Kyoto) w. sato kaoru+shigeki ieguchi, seiichi yamamoto, jojo hiroshige & more