Your Thorn Remixes

cat#: FLAUR04
Release Date: Decembcr 7th 2011

mastering: Geskia


  • 01. Round in Fog (Opiate Rework)
  • 02. Recall (Girl With The Gun Remix)
  • 03. Drag the Beast (Shigeto Remix)
  • 04. Textured Clouds (Praezisa Rapid 3000 Remix)
  • 05. Your Thorn (1000 Names Remix)
  • 06. Round in Fog (A Lily Remix)
  • 07 Gloomy Monday (aus Remix)
  • 08 Little Waves (Tokyo Bloodworm Remix)
  • 09 Your Thorn (Turalica Remix)
  • 10 Textured Clouds (Scissors and Sellotape Remix)
  • 11 Gloomy (Vieo Abiungo Remix)
  • 12 See The Sun (The Remote Viewer Remix)
  • 13 Drag the Beast (NETWORKS Remix)
  • 14 Your Thorn (Noah Remix) *
  • 15 Your Thorn (34423 Remix)*
  • 16 Your Thorn (Geskia & Pawn Remix)*
  • 17 Your Thorn (Polyphonic Parachute Remix)*

  • * = bonus track for digital release only

The music of Cokiyu borns with Your Thorn Remixes again, superb 17 track full volume album of new material from the japanese female artist’s 2nd full-length Your Thorn.
the remixes features a many international acts like Opiate (hobby industries/morrmusic), Shigeto (ghostly International), Girl With The Gun (new project of Populous), 1000 Names (black acre), A Lily (dynamophone), Praezisa Rapid 3000 (doumen), Tokyo Bloodworm (moteer), Vieo Abiungo (lost tribe sounds), The Remote Viewer (city centre offices), Scissors and Sellotape (cotton goods/fracture). the package also features aus, Turalica, NETWORKS from Japan and the bonus tracks for digital are winner remixes of Noah, 34423, Geskia & Pawn and Polyphonic Parachute from Your Thorn Remix Contest.

今年9月に発表され、好評を博しているCokiyuのニューアルバム『Your Thorn』の楽曲を、世界各国のアーティストが再構築、『Your Thorn』の持つ楽曲の魅力を新たな世界観で生まれ変わらせたリミックス集。Björkのアルバム『Vespatine』への参加やAlva Notoとのコラボレーションでも名を馳せるOpiateやA Lily, The Remote Viewerらエレクトロニカ・アーティスト、School of Seven BellsやGold Pandaらを擁するデトロイトの名門Ghostly InternationalのShigetoを始め, 1000 Names, Praezisa Rapid 3000らポスト・ダブステップ世代のビートメイカー、国内からはNETWORKS、トゥラリカという個性溢れるバンド2組と共にflauを主催するausも参加。様々なジャンルを横断しながらも、どれも白昼夢のようなアルバムの世界観を崩すことなく、美しい作品へと昇華させた素晴らしいリミックス集となりました。

デジタル配信バージョンにはYour Thorn Remix Contestより、Noah, 34423, Polyphonic Parachute, Geskia & Pawnによるリミックスもボーナス・トラックとして収録します。



Press Quates

Hear a frantic jazz rework from Japanese electronic busybody aus…Granted it’s not likely to make you cheerful, but it’s far from the doom and gloom you might expect. (for aus remix) - DUMMY


one of the strongest of the remixes ...which becomes a wonderland of dream-like atmospherics and snappy dance rhythms (for Shigeto remix) - Textura