Bluu Form

cat#: FLAUR08
Release Date:
Japan - April 20th, 2012
Europe/USA - June 18th,2012

mastering: Miles Whittaker
artwork: Hiroshi Sato


  • 01 Young Ages
  • 02 Bluu Forms
  • 03 Dripper
  • 04 Pell Mell
  • 05 Awara
  • 06 Rosette
  • 07 Tunginel
  • 08 Radio Box
  • 09 Sugar Spot
  • 10 006 (bonus track)

Bluu Form is Kyoto based beatmaker Madegg 's second release for the third month running from flau . The new collection is stronger than his most recent EP Teach which was released in May. This talented artist is dramatically improving his skills by the day.

The contrasts between the two are incredible and worth the listen; compare the changes in mood and texture. The variously treated voice-samples with the dexterity in which he applies affects show his more playful side. The strange echoes, funny electronic waves, and the variety of beats allows Bluu Form to move with a much lighter feel.

Madegg、flauからの3ヶ月連続リリース第2弾となる『Bluu Form』。自主発表していたEPからセレクトした楽曲や、来るべきアルバム『Tempera』製作中に完成したという実験的なトラックを中心にまとめられた本作。淡く無機質なフレーズの快楽性はそのままに、巧みに処理された空間的なボイス・サンプルのエコーと電子音のコントラスト、遊び心を随所に感じるビートのバラエティと、格段にスケールアップした現在形のMadeggサウンドを楽しむことができます。



Press Quates

Fans of Tim Hecker will find echoes of dystopian atmospherics, though the influence of Four Tet and the Brainfeeder roster is present and unmistakable -

Ad Hoc


very precise, hand-crafted piece of work, lighter in sound than the debut, but obviously with strong links to the one and only Mount Kimbie - No Fear Of Pop


Some spacey, ear-tingling beatmusic from this collection of Madegg tracks, Bluu Form. Give it a stream and relax. Allow your eyes to roll into the back of your head as you drift off into a sonically psychedelic coma. - The Needle Drop

Media Information


mix for The 405