Noah x SELA.

cat#: FLAUR12
Release Date:
Japan - January 9th.2013
Europe/USA -April 15th, 2013


  • 01 dune
  • 02 you'll come
  • 03 newworld
  • 04 driving
  • 05 days
  • 06 do you remember
  • 07 ice
  • 08 even
  • 09 violet
  • 10 luna
  • 11 e loop
  • 12 cold (extended)

Noah, is a Nagoya-based female artist, whose popular works include her winning piece in Cokiyu’s “Your Thorn Remixes”.

Sela., is a 19 years old young producer that hails from California, US, who is known for his excellent production work for Kitty (Kitty Pryde), the 17 years old tumblr-wave rapper.

When Noah and Sela., these 2 talented young artists crossed path at flau label, this impressive split ep was born.

In this brilliant split , Noah constructed her own musical world by infusing the wonderful elements of R&B, Trip-Hop, electronic into the classical music she learned from her formal music education, with feathery voices, beautiful chorus, and charming piano touches painting the backdrop.
On the other side, the young Sela. boldly adopted the approach to deconstruct Hip-Hop/R&B music into simplest loops, and gracefully steering these loops to create his distinctive minimal ambient and imaginative night music.

Welcome to the new world created by these 2 amazingly talented young artists Noah and Sela., a world where construction and deconstruction occurred, a world where mellow downtempo music is tastefully conceived. - text by wei@mu-nest

Cokiyu『Your Thorn Remixes』に参加した名古屋在住の女性アーティストNoah。昨年大きな注目を集めたクラウドラップの新星Kitty Prydeのプロデューサーの一人、Sela.。R&B、トリップホップをクラシック・マナーで消化し、艶やかな歌声とコーラスワークで独特な世界を作り出す才女と、ブラック・ミュージックを極限にまでシンプルなループに解体し、輪郭のぼやけたミニマル・アンビエント/イマジネイティブなナイト・ ミュージックとして機能させるカリフォルニアの19歳、全く新しい二つの才能の邂逅が作り上げた極上のメロウ・ダウンテンポ作。



Press Quates


..Infusing elements of R&B, trip hop and charming piano loops, the two have created a meticulously mellow aural universe. - Noisey


Decidedly curious one...What’s left is skeletal, but mesmeric nonetheless. -
The Line Of Best Fit


Noah’s side is distinctly informed by soft, melting synthetics and an R&B aesthetic. SELA. takes things down a different route, while aiming for the same, ambient-styled purpose…dreamy landscape that ties those artists together is an ever-present here. - This Is Fake DIY


It’s the small details that really make this split release a winner. Noah knows when to use vocals…Sela’s side is more interested in looping, but his contributions bare similar minute touches - The JAPAN TIMES


Light piano riffs add a somber mood to the song while breathy vocals and thudding, syncopated kicks give it a decidedly off-kilter sound. - XLR8R


…Her mixture of airy, classically-bent piano, guitar, and synthesizer tones against heavy sub-bass evokes the mellowest moments of Lapalux’s excellent debut Nostalchic, yet her coos evoke the alluring ghost of Aaliyah. - InYourSpeakers


both sides offer an immediately pleasing half hour of bedtime-ready soundscapes.
- International Tapes


On their first split effort together, the two of them explore an attic dimension with rich, anatomical beats, curiously moving through icy pop landscapes - No Fear Of Pop


The lightly chiming keys, syths, and bass are surrounded with an airy lush vibe. And enhancing it are her whispers that make their peaceful appearances throughout the track and makes it all the more dreamy. - Prefix


…being surprisingly transferable skills. Fantastic instrumentation, composition and combination of genres. - Velvet Web


Noah..Her production lends itself to scenic ambience that mixed with her classical training make for a sound as beautiful as it is reminiscent. SELA., on the other hand, manages to take slow and deconstructed hip-hop and R&B styles, to create a sort of dreamlike bounce.- Portals


Talentierte und junge beatfetischisten treffen hier aufeinander und lassen dich in einen Zustand der tiefsten Entspannung gleiten. Stilsicher bewegt sich der Sound zwischen instrumentalem Hip Hop, Glitch und Elektronica, um nur einige Einflüsse zu nennen. Schön ist außerdem zu sehen, dass die 6 Tracks von Sela nahtlos an die von Noah anknüpfen und so eine Art roter Faden durch dieses großartige Werk fließt. - Monodefekt


より艶っぽいNoahが良い。彼女は透き通った美声の持ち主でもあり、その声がミルフィーユ状に柔らかく重ねられた「you’ll come」の美しいこと - キープ・クール・フール (album of the month!)


two very talented, very young beat producers - A Chart Attack


La loro musica è accomunata dalla sperimentazione, dalla ricerca di ritmiche nuove e che evadono la linearità compositiva dai tratti molto eleganti in entrambi i sensi….innumerevoli sfumature di chiaroscuro capaci di esaltare ogni strato della loro musica, attraverso un processo di meticolosa costruzione del suono - Son Of Marketing