cat#: FLAUR19
Release Date: May 27th, 2015




  • 1 take it down
    2 plerumque
    3 mood
    4 ascension feat. sddiq
    5 face

    take it down: words by repeat pattern
    ascension: rap by siddiq

Noah presents her third mixtape "MOOD" in preparation for her debut album "Sivutie" releasing June 2015.


"I didn't have a concept in mind when I made this mixtape," Noah told me over email. "I just wanted to create something emotional. I feel the end result is warm, soothing, nostalgic and welcoming." Reminds me of Naked Music, or how I'd imagine life on a cloud over the Andes. Take note of track four, in particular, which features the Houston rapper Siddiq, formerly of Noah's TWO EP. Give it a whirl below, and see who it might attract into your bubble of calm. - The FADER



Press Quates


Flau's jazzy genius - The Fader


Noah demonstrates an unparalleled knack for song structure and arrangement, blending pentatonics, ambient soundscapes and breathy, minimalist vocals into an ethereal mist that ebbs and flows. - COMPLEX

a swirling vision of late-night frosty urban settings - The 405


Noah's efforts are considerably more ambient, preferring to tentacle into your ears with fragile wisps - The Line Of Best Fit