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  FLAUR24 submerse "Awake" CD


  FLAUR25 Cicada "Farewell" CD


  FLAU55 Port St. Willow "Syncope" CD


  FLAU54 Cicada "Ocean" CD


  FRAUM04 Madegg "NEW" LP


  FLAU52 Madegg "NEW" CD


  FLAU53 Crystal "Crystal Station 64" CD


  FLAU51 Henning Schmiedt "Walzer " CD


  FLAU49 Rayons "The World Left Behind" CD


  FLAU48 Noah "Sivutie" CD


  FLAUR20 Submerse "Stay Home" CD


  FRAUM03 Stefan Jós "Primitives" LP


  FLAU46 Stefan Jós "Primitives" CD


  FLAU47 Radicalfashion "GARCON" CD


  FLAUR18 Cuushe "Night Lines" CD


  FRAUM02 M/D/G "M/D/G" 12"


  FRAUM01 Stefan Jós "Things You Left Behind"12"


  FLAU45 Rima Kato "Faintly Lit" CD


  FLAU43 Machinone "Tokyo" CD


  FLAU41 Ulises Conti "Los Griegos creían que las estrellas eran pequeños agujeros por donde los dioses escuchaban a los hombres" CD


  FLAU40 Kidkanevil "My Little Ghost" CD


  FLAU39 Danny Norbury "Light In August" CD


  FLAU36 Cuushe "Butterfly Case" CD




  FLAU34 IKEBANA "when you arrive there" CD


  FLAU32 Henning Schmiedt "Schnee" CD


  FLAU31 Masayoshi Fujita "Stories" CD


  FLAU29 Liz Christine "Sweet Mellow Cat" CD


  FLAU28 Twigs & Yarn "The Language Of Flowers"LP


  FLAU27 Madegg "Tempera" t-shirt (size S)


  FLAU27 Madegg "Tempera" t-shirt (size L)


  FLAUR09 The Boats "Our Small Ideas" CD

$10 SALE!

  FLAU25 MayMay "and so I place
you in the setting sun" CD
$10 SALE!
  FLAUR06 Sylvain
"Abstractions" CD
$10 SALE!
  FLAU24 MayMay "MayMay E.P." CD
$10 SALE!
  FLAU23 Henning Schmiedt "Spazieren" CD
  FLAUR04 Cokiyu "Your Thorn Remixes"
  FLAU22 Cokiyu "Your Thorn" CD
  FLAU01B Cokiyu "Mirror Flake" CD
  FLAU21 Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven "Between the Lines" CD
  FLAU20 Tomoyuki Kanazu "Prater" CD $10 SALE!
love loops   FLAU15 Colophon
"Love Loops" CD
$10 SALE!
wolken   FLAU17 Henning Schmiedt
"Wolken" CD
mylove   FLAU16 Kumisolo
"My Love For You Is
A Cheap Pop Song" CD
$10 SALE!
rebulding   FLAU14 El Fog
"Rebuilding Vibes" CD
eclipse   FLAU13 Geskia
"Eclipse 323" CD
$10 SALE!
funkel   FLAU10 Novisad
"Funkel" CD
$10 SALE!
now   FLAU08 NOW
"The Hepadaboo" CD
$10 SALE!
klavierraum   FLAU06 Henning Schmiedt
"Klavierraum" CD
silent77   FLAU05 Geskia
"Silent 77" CD $10 SALE!
Related Items
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  aus "Sonorapid" (CD) $12 SALE!

(music related,2006)
you’ve been up all night. your ready to crash. but it’s not time yet. the best part of the day is coming up. time to sit by the window, or outside on the closest hillside. the sun breaks over the horizon, and your ready for another day. “sonorapid” by tokyo’s “aus” is the soundtrack to this moment. shimmering electronics, soft vocals, and the sunrise. intricate drum programming, subsonic frequencies, and female vocals are the plan. the sound of urban bedroom pop.

  Miaou "The Night Come Before Long" (CD) $12 SALE!

Some of miaou's favourite artists come together to put their take on last year's album, "The Day Will Come Before Long". Opening a with a miaou rework, the record features contributions from some fantastic electronic musicians from Japan and around the world. Sun Glitters beautiful remix starts things off, before Glasgow's Errors, London's Brassica & Belfast's Not Squares put their spin on maiou's tracks. Tokyo is well represented with tremendous remixes by mergrim, aus & Raster Noton's Kyoka. All mastered by Aloha's TJ Lipple in Washington DC.

  Park Avenue Music "For Your Home or Office" (CD) $10 SALE!

"for your home or office” has a great balance of dense electronic sound and gentle, spacious melody. Park Avenue Music create a beautiful atmosphere on their original tracks, and they really begin to bloom after repeated listens. The second half is taken in as smoothly as the first? The remixes are just as solid, and fit into the context of the record so well." - Baths (anticon.)
including remix from Geskia!, aus , Ametsub and more!
RIYL: Psapp, Caroline, Zegunder, Taken By Trees

  Masha Qrella "Crooked Dreams"
$6 SALE!

here is morr music's singer Masha Qrella - Crooked Dreams tour EP! A limited edition cassette e.p., available only during the Japan tour and in select shops thereafter. Side A features the title track plus two exclusives, 'Fin' a cover of the Leonard Cohen classic 'Here It Is'. Backed on side B with two fantastic remixes by aus & miaou! Includes free mp3 download code.

  Minakumari "Rang" $12 SALE!

n 1994, Mina, aka Minakumari, debuted as a guitarist who was responsible for most of the lyrics and songs of the girls' band Catch-up, which released three historic albums. She graduated from the Indian Languages department of the Asia-Africa Linguistic Institute of Tokyo. She started to learn the sitar in 2003 under the distinctive sitar player Moniral Nag in Calcutta, India, while studying psychology at christ college in Bangalore, India. Then in 2005, she graduated from the Calcutta Tea School, India. Since returning to her hometown, Tokyo, she has played active roles in Cold Sugar, to which Japanese pop icons Chara and Akino Arai belong, in addition to Chara's solo live performances and Arai's studio recordings.On April 16, 2008, she successfully released her first solo album “Rasa” and then gave consecutive performances in France, playing at four Paris venues in April 2009. Then in June of the same year, she played sitar in a recording of a new album by Rip Slym, a commercially successful Japanese pop quintet.
RIYL: Caroline, Cokiyu, Piana, Mum, Lullatone, Juana Molina

  Rimacona "Tasogare To Piano"(CD) $22

Rimacona consists of two members: Natsuko Yanagimoto (vocalist and photographer) and Marihiko Hara (pianist and composer). They are based in Kyoto where Marihiko, in particular, produces music for theatre performances and people involved in the field, such as visual artists and traditional Japanese instrumentalists. "Tasogare to Piano" (Piano in the Dusk) is Rimacona's first full debut album. Their music is dynamic yet sensitive, with a strong emphasis on progressive song development and the sounds of piano. Furthermore, their arrangements offer a unique atmosphere, and blend vocals with natural sounds, as well as electronics captured via the use of a tape recorder. Rimacona's music goes beyond the boundaries of electronica, pop, jazz and so on.
RIYL: Matryoshka, Tujiko Noriko, Ryuichi Sakamoto

  Rima Kato "Harmless" (3inch CD) $15

(ao to ao,2012)
Rima Kato started ‘Strrows’ in 1996. Strrows was lo-fi girls folk duo like a The Softies, Melody Dog, Marine Girls, Chamellows, Dear Nora, DQE, etc. They released some CDs from Midi-Creative Records in Japan. But, Strrows broke up 2001. They soon disappeared from the music scene.
But, she had continued to compose in secret and loneliness the past ten years. Recently, Asuna got to know her. and discovered her solo music. Then Asuna released her music by Cassette Tape from his label called WFTTapes.? This “Harmless” is her first formal release by 3 inch CD album from aotoao label. She compiled some stories songs her own. Rima Kato music stands out by such a simple arrangement with sense of melancholy and transparency.
RIYL: the softies, marine girls, rose melberg, the pastels, melody dog, young marble giants

  Tape Loop Orchestra "The Word On My Lips Is Your Name" (2disc) $10 SALE!

Tape Loop Orchestra (Andrew Hargreaves aka The Boats) return with a new album. Following on from last years limited ‘Maybe I Told A Small Lie’. The new double album features a collection of tape loop experiments (“The Word On My Lips Is Your Name”) and an extended composition (“The Burnley Brass Band Plays On In My Heart”).

RIYL: william basinski, tim hecker, fennesz, the caretaker

  V.A. "Casiotone Compilation 4"
(3inch cd)

(ao to ao, 2012)
all songs made by Casiotone, compiled by ASUNA. featuring artists: Alejandra & Aeron, Jim Schoenecker (aka; Pele, I Am Robot And Ploud, Antti Tolvi, .Tape., Sun Foot, Dragging An Ox Through Water, Noun, OPQ, Fumu Fumu, SJQ, The Medium Necks, Colorlist, Dan Sasaki, Sheeprint, Plasma TV, Gofish, Inukai II, Advance Base, Teasi, Shibata & Asuna

  Offthesky vs Kinder Scout "The Curio Collection" (CD) $10 SALE!

(home normal, 2012)
"The Curio Collection’ comprises the tag team effort of the up-and-coming super-trio ‘Kinder Scout’(Ian Hawgood, Danny Norbury, and Jason Corder) along with the compositional magic of ambient maven ‘offthesky’(Jason Corder).? Curious to note is that Mr. Corder is connected to both groups.? Therefore one must query: is this a hidden bite at humor or did the producer perhaps stumble upon an oddity locked away in an ancient curio that grants the art of cloning?

Upon further investigation of this hauntingly reverent and rhythmic record, quickly revealed are the trappings of offthesky’s signature spells: vibraphone, rolling guitar, soft bells, lilting voicals, and the ever evolving landscape.? According to the accounts of Mr. Corder, much of the color, inspiration and foundation for the songs therein stemmed from afar out of ian hawgood’s personal closet of field recordings, live takes, and processed experiments.? Danny Norbury’s timeless cello paints several pieces to add a majestic and modern-classic effect. ? Last but not least Sarah Chung(of Pillow Garden) and Sara Martin’s soft singing cameo about, which adds an anti-ephemeral hue sprinkled atop the ever present time-stained aesthetic.? Each delicate track has the ability to leave the listener with a sense that they’ve just steeped in the light of an occultish cabinet glowing full of arcane mysteries.
RIYL: Danny Norbury, Jason Corder, Ian Hawgood, Dakota Suite, Greg Haines, Nils Frahm

  V.A. "Ten Years On The Blanket"(CD) $15

Preco Records’s 10th anniversary compilation CD. Incl. exlcusive traks by aus, cokiyu, miaou, ent etc.

  Autumn Leaf "The Foot Remixes"(CD) $6 SALE!

(wood/water music,2011)
here are 5 wonderful remixes for Japanese soft post rock band Autumnleaf's masterpiece "The Foot". the remixes from Cokiyu, Miyauchi Yuri, I Am Robot And Proud, Lem and Sheeprint.
RIYL: owen, death cab for cutie, the sea and cake

  Tsumugine "Tsumugine" (CDR) $6 SALE!

Tsumugine is a music performance group from Japan which is active since 2008, initiated by Yasuno Miyauchi. Instead of reproducing a timeline which was created in advance, every member becomes a particle of the sound. The particles follow a simple rule, and everyone creates a sound while moving, colliding, changing, and fusing. The performance evolves spinning these spatial sounds together. Tsumugine aims for a music performance which is not only producing sounds, but extends to physical and visual expression.
This is their first recording, recorded at a tunnel in a forest. The improvisations is performed within really unique acoustic effect. each performer freely creates sounds by pianica and her voice. they also move ceaselessly about in the field. There is so many layers of beautiful voices like Meredith Monk, Russudan Meipariani with unique echo by the tunnel and the screaming cicadas. We also can listen to curious moire between pianica in the simple method.
RIYL: meredith monk, julianna barwick, andrew chalk, maja ratkje, john hudak

  Spartak "Nippon" (CD) $10 SALE!

(new wired australia,2011)
Canberra based duo Spartak return with their third album Nippon on the New Weird Australia. This new release sees the duo expand on the loose improvisations of their previous work by taking in a more brittle electronic edge, alongside a reclaimed punk attitude, with recordings edited from performances in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka on their recent japan tour presented by flau. These shows revisited the original mode of Spartak music ? pre-composed key phrases forming the core basis of the performance each night. This common thread lends itself nicely to the various pieces, tieing them together as a suite, while varying in nature
.RIYL: triosk, radian, the necks, supersiient, tarentel

  The Declining Winter "Official World Cup Theme" (CD) $6 SALE!

(home assembly,2010)
"This is a beauty. When Richard (Adams) told us, at the beginning of this year, that he had written a song for the forthcoming World Cup we were a little sceptical to say the least. Now the months have passed by and the World Cup is almost upon us and we had forgotten all about this song, when just last week Richard sent us the finished version. We couldn't believe our ears, it's fantastic!
All the ingredients are there; great lyrics, a stirring string section, punchy drums, trademark Adams bassline, emotional commentary and a rousing, singalong chorus. It's a rollicking great tune!
Bringing to mind New Order's classic 'World in Motion' married with the melancholic pop of mid-period Go-Betweens. It's the perfect soundtrack for drowning your sorrows after that quarterfinal exit on penalties." - home assembly
RIYL: Hood, Go-Betweens, New Order

  Odland(CD) Ottocento $6 SALE!

(not on label,2010)
Recommended is this fresh enterprize from the French group Odland. "Odland is interweaving highly alluring chamber music with the spirit of British bonbon artpop babes Lollipop Train, amalgamating ragtime splinters, animals’ voices and innocent whispers into something half chaste, half supersexy, playful and beguiling all the way." -Filles sourires-

  Happenstance (no title)(3inch CDr) $6 SALE!

Happenstance is new project from Karl Eden and Chris Stewart (Need More Sources). 3inch CD,6tracks!

  Andrea Ferraris & Matteo Uggeri "Autumn Is Coming,
We're All In Slow Motion"
$10 SALE!

(hibarnate, 2010)
Matteo Uggeri and Andrea Ferraris met after having shared a series of collaborations with noise-ambient icons like Maurizio Bianchi/MB and Andrea Marutti/Amon. "Autumn is coming, we´re all in slow motion", is the result of their mutual interest in searching for the most balanced blend of experimental music and melody. The work has been recorded and assembled trying to recreate a sort of "ordinary-life" environment and to give this aural-diary the shape of a soundtrack. During this process, an incredible array of field-recordings and instruments were used with the main premise of creating an experimental yet melancholic record. This collaborative effort brought together the magic touch of Japanese musician Mujika Easel (Eisi, Mono, Taylor Deupree), that here is featured on piano and vocals, with Andrea Serrapiglio (Carla Bozulich´s Evangelista, Barbara De Dominicis...) who, beside playing cello, took care of the mastering. The field-recordings were taken from all around Italy and central Europe, while the rest of the music was recorded in Milan, Alessandria and Tokyo.
RIYL; Orla Wren, Origamibiro, Islaja

  V.A. "Lost Tribe Sound" (CD) $10 SALE!

(lost tribe sound,2010)
Lost Tribe Sound isn't a sound as much as a shared emotional connection to music. Maybe it's something in the ether, a moment in time that unites this gorgeous selection of organic, gentle and at times exploratory music that transcends genre, technique, or even location. Melding well-established artists with precocious newcomers from as far afield as Australia, Turkey and even the Philippines, Lost Tribe Sound: One showcases the incredible cello of Aaron Martin, the nocturnal devotions of Part Timer, and the raw acoustics of Benoit Pioulard amongst its 70 odd minutes of musical imagination that demonstrates the limitless possibilities of music. Brimming with rarities and tasters of forthcoming releases, Lost Tribe Sound: One isn't merely a selection of some of the most vital, idiosyncratic and heartfelt music around, but also a statement of intent. Brimming with earthy, woody music that creaks and rumbles, these sounds conjure up those inexplicably elusive yet intensely powerful emotions and will envelop you like a forest floor coming to life.
feat.Helios, The Remote Viewer, Benoit Pioulard, Gavouna, Aaron Martin, Tokyo Bloodworm, Brael

  Vieo Abiungo "Blood Memory" (CD) $10 SALE!

(lost tribe sound, 2010)
Songwriter and film composer William Ryan Fritch has added his unwavering multi-instrumental talent to a great many projects, including Sole and the Skyrider Band. Now, Fritch’s debut under his moniker, Vieo Abiungo, exists in a strange netherworld where modern classical, tribal, the experimental and film music intersect. It’s a kind of fourth world music, too complex and playful to be film music, yet too experimental, distorted and distended to be classical. It possesses a unique undercurrent that seems to stem from the percussion which initially seems to be working counter to the sweeping melodies. However like barnacles it then begins to sweep up other instrumentation which attach themselves to its wake. It can be a light footed and cheeky, sprawl out into a bawdy beautiful drunken mess of sound, whilst at other times feel tight, light and contained. This is really something quite different and spacial.
RIYL: Own Pallet, Phelan Sheppard, The Alps

  Novisad "Novisad" $10SALE!

Novisad early masterpiece from tomlab available now. last stock!
Kristian Peters was born in 1980 and lives in Rostock, Germany. He has been producing electronic music since the winter of 1993/94, also releasing the splendid Adlib album for Kraak . The first Novisad CD from January 1999 was a wonderful early Tomlab, and a big favourite in Manchester.
Novisad was produced with his good old 386 computer that only had a soundblaster 1.0 card built in and CD tracks the WinDAT program, a simple cut & paste program together with CoolEdit 1.5. This may sound simple. Packaged to a cardboard sleeve, is a difficult to found item.
RIYL: Marsen Jules, Colleen, Dale Berning

  Upward Arrows "Upward Arrows " $10 SALE!

(under the spire,2010)
This release on under the spire is an album from John McCaffrey (Part Timer) under the new guise of Upward Arrows. Here are a few words from John.
“The tracks on Upward Arrows were made especially for Under The Spire ? the name Upward Arrows is an allusion to the thousands of church spires that pepper the world, all pointing upwards like arrows aimed at the sky.
Instead of giving Chris an album of ‘Part Timer’ material, I wanted to do something different; something that fit with my understanding of the UTS sound and which was still linked to my music as Part Timer. Looking through the files on my hard drive, I found lots of sounds from collaborative pieces I had done recently and many partially completed tunes. I started to combine snatches of these sounds with field recordings, recorded some new parts and assembled 10 tracks that felt right together."
RIYL: Elvium, Fennesz, Greg Davis

  Chris Weisman & Greg Davis "Northern Songs" (CD) $10 SALE!

(home normal,2010)
Northern Songs is the blissful sound of Chris Weisman leaving his body and dissolving into the universe; he sounds very free. Greg Davis (electronic music composer, fractal maker) helps the usually obsessive Chris (psychedelic four-tracker, music artist) surrender to the void. The falling away of self is quite literal: Chris recorded a batch of songs, then turned the tapes over to Greg without instructions for completion (there’s a special luxurious bath you get to take when you stop deciding). Rather than perfecting the material, Greg’s treatments make it radically and beautifully incomplete; the pop song is unmastered, its closed forms opened to nature (this music has no inside and no outside (this guitar solo sounds friendly and tall (these computer sounds are showing me the thing in the tree that makes it alive
RIYL: Beach Boys, Beatles, Tape

  Michael Santos "Memory Maker" (CD) $10SALE!

(home normal,2010)
Michael Santos is a London-based artist who has previously released on U-Cover, Benbecula an Baskaru.
One of the first things to strike you about Memory maker is the unusually physical presence it has: it's a great way of announcing yourself. From here onwards you might notice a counterpoint between the album's all-round mellifluousness and the recurrence of a kind of intensive, buzzing belligerence that recalls the aesthetics of certainRaster Noton records, or the more stringent moments in Steinbruchel's catalogue.
RIYL: U-Cover, Machinefabriek, 12K

  Offthesky "Hiding Nature" (CD) $10 SALE!

(home normal, 2010)
The album is obviously an offthesky aka Jason Corder (color cassette) record, with its minute attention to detail and its beautiful, often creeping, sometimes sporadic, bursts of melody. Essentially Jason’s plan was to make an album of heavily processed vibraphone pieces, yet it became so much more featuring clever use of warbly guitar tones and textures throughout.
RIYL: Ben Frost, Tape, Fennesz, Mitchell Akiyama

  Ian Hawgood "Slow Films In Low Light" (CD) $10 SALE!

(home normal, 2010)
‘Slow Films In Low Light’ is a collection of remixes and re-workings by friends and artists from now deleted album ‘Soundtrack To A Film In My Head Which Will Never Get Made’ by Ian Hawgood.featuring remix from The Remote Viewer, Geskia!, Ten and Tracer, Pan Am Scan, ederico Durand, Danny Norbury, Hannu, Yuri Miyauchi, Miko, The Green Kingdom, Library Tapes, Chihei Hatakeyama and He Can Jog feat.Nick Sanborn.

  Chihei Hatakeyama "A Long Journey" (CD) $10 SALE!

(home normal, 2010)
Chihei Hatakeyama is the Tokyo microsound composer delivered exceptional albums for Room40 and Under The Spire, now he's on the verge of releasing another pairing of long-players over the next couple of months. The first of these comes via the dependably excellent Home Normal imprint, and bases itself upon field recordings made on a trip to San Francisco in 2006. Appropriately, the record is titled A Long Journey, and takes on the feel of a dreamlike sequence of scenes from different locations. There are eleven excellent compositions here.
RIYL: Taylor Deupree, Elvium, Fennesz

  Mountain Ocean Sun "Peace Conference" (CD) $8 SALE!

(home normal, 2009)
Mountain Ocean Sun’s search for deep peace, heavy drones, and sound healing has found them jamming with Deerhoof in Detroit, starting an organic music society in the extreme tropical heat of the Matthaei Botancial Garden on new years day, and all the way back to their first performance at a 500 year-old buddhist temple in Osaka, Japan. Bowed strings, harmonium, indian shruti boxes, gongs, ghosts, sea shells and bells are the spirit tools that these elemental earth’s children bring to this sixty-four minute peace conference.
“Recorded on a mountain, in the woods, near a river, a lake, and the city, the summer air was heavy and we sweated a lot. When it was over I was blind. I was pummeled by the minimalixm”

RIYL:His Name Of Alive, Ida, Tarentel

  Isnaj Dui "Unstable Equilibrium" (CD) $8 SALE!

(home normal, 2009)
It’s hard to describe an album of moods, emotions and distant memories, but to me that’s what I find myself doing with Katie English’s music. Katie under her Isnaj Dui guise uses conventional and her own home made instrumentation to add loops and layers, until the track is ready to take on its own shape and form.
This music triggers for me a different experience with every listen. Maybe it will be the sound of a lonely alien crying on a tranquil moon, a field of singing flowers staring at the sun, or just my past dreams sailing away on an endless ocean.

RIYL:Deaf Center, Pjusk, Oren Ambarchi

  Library Tapes "Sketches" (CD) $10SALE!

(home normal, 2009)
This is 1st release of new label Home Normal and the reissue of The masterpiece of Library Tapes with Danny Norbady.

  V.A. "In This Nest, We Found Our Winged Tales"(CD) $10 SALE!

(mu-nest, 2009)
Voices, melodies, and trailing reverbs of tender sounds, gliding through the echo-spheres of your heart, like light birds of sublime feathers flocking to strange yet familiar distant lands beyond reality; once again, mu-nest brings forth a collection of quiet simple wonderment, the remix compilation, in this nest, we found our winged tales.
featuring artists are aspidistrafly x haruka nakamura, hearts+horses x aus, flica xfjordne, dom mino’ x federico durand and me:mo x akira kosemura.


  NOW "Frisbee Hot Pot" (CD) $8 SALE!

(pickled egg, 2006)
this is the debut album of NOW. "My soul, my ears and my dancing shoes thank Now, who haven’t so much as made an album as created an antidote for musical apathy...it is a journey colourful, perplexing and astounding enough to warrant many return trips. Inspired and inspiring" - drowned in sound
"Did you ever wish Stereolab would just stop with the wussy leopard-skin lounge exotica and get thoroughly stuck into the krauty riffage? If so, you probably have to hear Frisbee Hot Pot." - plan b
RIYL:Stereolab, CAN

  V.A. "Usual Revolusion & Nine Remix" (CD) $10 SALE

(liquid note, 2009)
The remix album of Japanese electronic artist No.9's latest "Usual Revolution and Nine", feat.remixes from Kettel, aus, I Am Robot and Proud, Ametsub, Akira Kosemura and more.


  Squares On Both Sides "Indication" (CD) $10 SALE!

On indication, his third album to date, Buerkner’s singing forms clear superior structures that are fragmented by subtle electronics and field recordings from a temple market in Kyoto. Closeness and reduction, contrasted with playful elements remain the focus of indication, which features guest appearances by Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aka aus) of co-owner of flau. RIYL: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Nathan Michel, Gastr Del Sol, Mark Hollis, The Books.


  Squares On Both Sides "Flung EP" (vinyl, 12")  $20SALE!

"A meeting point between the lo-fi strums of Tommy Guerero, Vincent Gallo’s echoes of lost Americana, Dave Pajo’s more recent work as Papa M and the increasingly sought after sound of the Weilheim scene that plays host not only to the Notwist, but also to all of its many offshoot bands like Lali Puna, Tied & Tickled Trio and Console." - boomkat

  Squares On Both Sides "Dunaj"  (vinyl) $20 SALE!

"Minimal and melancholic music not only for the hours after the very last after hour or for the radio-alarm clock on Sunday" - de:bug
"ray of light through a grey and clouded sky" musikexpress (five out of five)
"The second album 'Dunaj' from will appeal equally to fans of Mogwai as it does American Analogue Set and Elliot Smith. uerkner has made an album of shimmering delights that can be enjoyed up close or from afar." - boomkat